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Hope on the Horizon has a blurb!!!!

It feels like I've been working on this book forever, but the reality is, research began a year ago this month.

Falling in love isn't on her to-do list. Managing a two-hundred acre campground and guiding whitewater trips are enough to fill Hailey White's lonely days. When acts of vandalism threaten her home and business, she’s forced to ask for help. Her best friend's brother is the last person she expects to come to her rescue. One bullet will end all his nightmares forever. Angry voices in his head, survivor's guilt, and a busted leg make Walker Carriker wish he were dead. When a roadside bomb ends his career as a Marine, he’s forced to stay with family in the remote mountains of North Carolina. His sister's best friend is the last person he expects to help him find a reason to live. She's bubbly and optimistic, with a smattering of sarcasm.

He's angry and bitter, with a heaping dose of cynicism.

She talks too much. He has all the answers.

These two are like oil and vinegar, but the more

time they spend together, the more they heal. When he's lost all faith, can Hailey show Walker there’s

Hope on the Horizon?

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