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Communication FAIL!

Oh my goodness, when it comes to communication, I am a massive FAIL!

Do a blog post. Do a blog post. Do a blog post. I hear this all the time, but let's face it, I'm boring. Why the heck would anyone want to read a blog from moi?

So here's my lame attempt. (You can quit laughing now!)

In the first part of May, we had . . . (Wait for it!) . . . SNOW FLURRIES! Seriously! Now, those of you who know me, know God meant for me to live on a tropical island! Talk about not following His plan. What the heck went wrong?!?!?!?!?!

Mother's Day was spent with the family. Hubs threw some ribs on the grill and had to roll me away from the table.

I spent a few days with my mom and dad. All I will say about that is Parkinson's Disease is vile and evil! My prayer is none of you ever have to watch a vibrant, full-of-life parent writhe and twitch in pain.

Memorial Day saw some B-U-T-ful steaks on the grill. Once again, Hubs knocked it out of the park.

And several days (over 100 hours, actually) were spent writing. I can't wait to share what the crazy people in my head are doing! Stay tuned for more information.

Last but not least, Searching for Tomorrow is visiting the virtual land of Kindle Unlimited for a limited time. If you'd like to meet Wrynn and Tripp, click here! And please, don't forget to leave a review!

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